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Green Toronto Hotel


Our green Toronto hotel has received a 4 (out of 5) Green Key Rating based on the Corporate Environmental Management section of the Green Key Audit. The Green Key Audit was designed by the Canadian Hotel Association to evaluate facilities' policies and procedures as they relate to sustainable hotel operations. This includes any action plans that have been developed and their impact on management, employees, guests, and local community. 


Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel is happy to announce its partnership with Clean the World. Through this partnership we will recycle bar soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion and bath gel to create new amenity products.  This initiative saves lives by donating bar soap to third world countries and domestic homeless shelters. 



  • There is senior management/executive level buy-in and a signed endorsement of policies
  • An Environmental Committee has been assigned responsibility for directing and coordinating environmental initiatives within the hotel
  • Training and education in environmental awareness/behavior is provided
  • Communications strategies regarding environmental initiatives and practices for staff and guests have been implemented
  • The hotel participates in associations, networks, or other affiliations that provide information regarding environmental practices, products, and/or services relating to the lodging industry
  • The hotel sponsors, celebrates, and/or participates in local, national, and/or international environmental events such as
    Earth Hour and Earth Day
  • Materials/supplies that no longer meet guest standards are collected and donated to local charitable organizations on a regular basis
  • Untouched food items are collected and donated to food banks and other charitable organizations on a regular basis
  • Employees are given the opportunity to volunteer their time and services towards various environmental events and campaigns, even during regular working hours


  • Guestrooms are equipped with tent cards/signage which gives guests the option to use the Make a Green Choice program (linen re-use). Learn more about Make a Green Choice
  • Housekeepers are instructed to check that lights, radios, and televisions are turned off in unoccupied rooms
  • Barely used bars of soap, individual shampoos, and other amenities are collected for donation to Clean The World Organization
  • In-room recycling options include recycling bins in all guestrooms
  • 75% of pressurized aerosol cans have been eliminated and replaced with hand pump dispensers refilled from bulk/concentrated solutions
  • 25% of chemical cleaners have been replaced with biodegradable/vegetable-based and/or non-toxic alternatives
  • Housekeepers are trained to report all dripping faucets and leaking equipment to the Maintenance department
  • Procedures are in place that allow Housekeeping staff to report actions that harm the environment and share their ideas on eliminating impacts

Conference & Meeting space:

  • 50% of lighting in conference/meeting room(s) uses higher efficiency bulbs (i.e. compact fluorescent)
  • 75% of individual servings (butter, jams, creamers, etc.) have been replaced with bulk purchases served in reusable container
  • 50% of note pads, napkins, office paper, and other paper products are purchased with a minimum of 30% recycled content
  • Conference schedules, menus, contracts, etc. communicated via e-mail to clients
  • The hotel's environmental policies and programs are communicated to meeting planners and guests before or during events when requested

Food & Beverage Services:

  • Appliances/equipment are regularly cleaned and serviced (including air filters, air ducts, fans and burners)
  • Exhaust fans are sized to meet code requirements (i.e. not oversized) and regularly cleaned
  • Higher energy efficiency appliances (i.e. Energy Star/EnerGuide certified) and/or equipment have been purchased during the past 12 months
  • Freezer/refrigerator motors, thermometers, and other equipment are regularly checked, serviced, and defrosted to ensure efficient operation
  • 30% of the lighting in the restaurant and food services areas are high energy efficiency light bulbs (i.e. compact fluorescents)
  • 50% of lighting in the restaurant and food services areas use higher energy efficiency equipment (i.e. ballasts, controls
  • Dimmer controls are used in dining areas
  • Over 75% of products are purchased in bulk to reduce cost, packaging, and waste disposal fees
  • 75% of product packaging is recycled
  • Over 90% of pressurized aerosols have been replaced with reusable hand pump dispensers
  • Cooking oils/grease are separated and disposed of/recycled as special waste
  • Some organic produce and/or herbs are grown on-site (i.e. roof top herb gardens)

Engineering & Maintenance:

  • Performance audits for energy and water consumption are regularly carried out
  • Annual use and (purchase) costs of utilities and materials are being for the purpose of reducing supply each year
  • HVAC equipment modifications have been made in the last 12 months to improve energy efficiency
  • Advanced insulation measures have been taken
  • Blinds or curtains have been installed on windows to reduce solar energy gains
  • Water heaters are newer, high-efficiency models
  • The hotel has a comprehensive maintenance programs for its vehicles to reduce emissions
  • Elevators and/or escalators are taken off-service during slow times to conserve energy
  • High efficiency light bulbs (e.g. compact fluorescent, light-emitting diodes (LED) and/or High Intensity Discharge (HID) have been installed wherever possible
  • Outdoor lighting (building exterior, signage, parking garage and/or security lighting) use timers
  • The hotel has a comprehensive lighting maintenance program that includes replacing burnt out bulbs and yellow lenses
  • Energy efficiency is taken into consideration when purchasing new appliances and equipment (e.g. Energy Star certified,
    EnerGuide ratings etc.)
  • Water conserving equipment has been installed in guestrooms and public washrooms
  • A preventative maintenance program is in place to monitor and fix leaking toilets and taps in guestrooms and public areas
  • Landscaping irrigation is controlled automatically or by sensors to avoid over-watering
  • A regular maintenance program is in place for dishwashers to ensure that water is not being wasted
  • Recycling -The hotel's recycling program includes the following items: office paper, newspaper, colored glass, clear glass, plastics, cardboard, batteries, toner cartridges, fluorescent light bulbs, kitchen grease
    • Sheraton Centre Toronto is proud to partner with a fully co-mingled waste program. Co-mingled, also known as 'single stream', refers to a system where all waste is collected/mixed together at the time of disposal and sorted off-site to recycle. This practice diverts waste from area landfills.
  • Discarded furniture and equipment is diverted from landfill through staff donations, liquidators, scrap dealers, donations to local charities
  • The hotel uses a waste compactor or commercial bailer to reduce the volume of waste going to disposal
  • Oil based paints have been phased-out and replaced with safer water based alternatives in 100% of the paints used in the hotel
  • 100% of ozone-depleting (halon) fire extinguishers have been replaced with code compliant, environmentally preferable alternatives
  • The location of all asbestos is known, monitored, and contained and a phase out plan is underway
  • A written plan is in place to deal with indoor air quality (IAQ)
  • The hotel is designated as a non-smoking environment

Our Electric Vehicle Charging Station

  • Sheraton Centre was the first hotel in Ontario to offer an on-property electric vehicle charging station. Both guests and local residents may access our sleek charging station 24-hours a day and receive other innovative features including electric route mapping, driver assistance and greenhouse gas and energy savings measurements. Learn more about our Toronto Electric Vehicle Charging Station